The Traveler……..

consumed by cluttered  emotions unraveled into nothingness in the fullness of space within my own mind unable to be understood. These visions so vivid and clear is the shimmering light upon the darkest most inter parts of  my temple  unexplored how can I excavate the remains of timeless existence and many lives pasted I still carry with me in this reincarnation ancient memories and teaching from my master teacher I close my eyes and see the compass representing  my endless travel. I can hear the village elders speaking about the traveler who was caught up in a time bomb blowed apart his many pieces scattered around the solar system all taking a different metamorphosis  in this world and on to the next. I travel in the speed of light filling the space  around me the people here think it is me that they know but I am nameless…..perfect black


living dead

I’m not of this world I come from  another far  place this dual universe is a part of a fictitious illusion that keeps me trapped amongst zombies and a multitude of robotic humanoids with no light existing only as a repetition an ongoing mindless shell. see when I fell I didn’t even know it  pasting through the cannel deemed  me of my heavenly star light covered in the DNA of the ones who were present they looked like holograms of static with blueish outlines the body that I was in didn’t at all cover all of me but as I lay their and stare I Began to shrink I Saw my light body started to blink part of me began going into parts they called legs arms and toe’s it was like I was froze so I made it real with my will and bound me to this fate and then I started to create the world that they were in and forgot and attached to the thing they call living who do they think I am there’s another part of me. they took be to a building they called church  and said this is the temple of god I didn’t believe that there’s was so small many years later I started to awake from walking with the living Dead after being hit in the head I began to detach and my light body started to come back now I can see some of the codes I’m half out and half in temporary lost into a split dimension where I can see the light and the zombies of the living dead.        D.D.Kirkland

Now i’ll say Farewell Uncle Tom….

medium_3976123125Farewell uncle Tom you can no longer rape me hurt my brothers rape my sisters my necks no longer heavy from the chains of my monstrous  oppressor that treated me like a beast with his sexual aggression I was dirty on the outside in front of other slave traders some black boys you just sodomized and fed to the gators deep in them woods of Louisiana I could see the banners no niggers allowed. So you tied us up like horses getting drenched in the rain you claimed  you had sanity  and we were insane you hugged on your white wife and kissed your white kids but perched in the church about you got to love an forgive down on this floor theses rocks are my witness you fed us slop that was not fit for hogs even the dogs lay-ed up and feasted on the scraps that fell from the masters table but we had to eat to live.oh what would I give to say farewell uncle Tom hope you die in your sleep. you our a treacherous man a child raping kid killing monster that’s not even fit to live you sold all of the adults and kept the kids you had to have them young and fresh for a clean-cut godly man like you to molest some tried to run a way but  they couldn’t out run his horse but the source of his power soon took another turn the further he went the hotter the fire burned popping and cracking as his wife and kids slept he returned with his prize possession and drop to his feet because the house was no more so he couldn’t even go inside so he took out his gun and committed suicide. now I’ll say Farewell uncle Tom you murderous bastard I’m glad your dead look at you laying there with that hold in your head………..D.D Kirkland

Fly away…a short story part 1

My brother’s and I are warriors we can tell the seasons by the placement of the sun ,moon and stars. He say we have powers to fly away back into the bush. To see the sunshine of our homelands again we lived by the waters. I heard the wise man say the pale man is coming over the sea on a big fish to take us from our mother lands. And just like the birds of prey were going to fly away so we spent lots of time on learning how to deal with the spirit in trance and fly with our ancestors. He say when they come he is going to be with birds way up high so the pail man could not see him. So I asked him how did he know he said his great granddaddy daddy came from out of the fire to warn his people. To go further into the bush to escape the pale man. Many years later before the sun went down we saw what looked like a big, big fish swooshing through the waters with a mighty rushing wind. We remembered what the wise man said so we started to call on our ancestor why everyone looked in amazement. Oh ancestor’s from near and far help us to fight and protect our lands. As the wave hit the shores of our lands they got closer and closer so me and many of the warriors stood in the middle of them and the village we called home. When the big fish stopped we saw the pale man and attacked them but his magic was not like anything we had ever seen. Lots of our warriors died we couldn’t fight the magic so they took us young boys an men put there magic on our feet and hands and took us away. As they hit and beat us then fed us to there big fishes and then we started to move an go further and further away from our home. One bye one we started to go into a trance closed are eyes an saw our ancestors hands and heard a faint voice saying its time to fly away…….D.D. Kirkland