I use to have nothingness inside voided out from my enter guide deaf dumb and blind going through life on borrowed time. Traveling alone the same roads of love one’s living up to their expectations and spiritual motivations  because they said it was true. But who knew from feeling the void I can practice a voice of my own that I didn’t practice even tho I was grown I felt so empty being exposed to other people’s life sometimes temped me to say fuck it I’m going to do as I please and then the old folks tell me I need to get on my knees and talk to a man who didn’t look like me I’m so empty as time pasts I didn’t have the faith I use to have but I was still empty from all the bullshit they sent me damn do I even know who I am the more they told me to pray the more I would stray I’m so glad I did. never have a choice as a kid. but it was something down deep in the inside  that told me let me be my guide  and ever since then I’ve been feeling the void excavating the truth from a mountain of lies now my eyes have seen that which was hidden because I’m traveling the roads that was forbidden. along this path you would never have the friends you though you had because there back is against you. your family would never be the same when the slave maters the blame he took it  all including your name and tamed you with his religion  regardless of your decision  but some how speak about his god and all of the love he say he has but freely took his whip and beat your ass damn. I start thinking how ignorant it would be to sit next to the devils pulpit and pat my feet not me I’m feeling the void everything that was implanted in me is now destroyed.                                             Amon  Blackstone


living dead

I’m not of this world I come from  another far  place this dual universe is a part of a fictitious illusion that keeps me trapped amongst zombies and a multitude of robotic humanoids with no light existing only as a repetition an ongoing mindless shell. see when I fell I didn’t even know it  pasting through the cannel deemed  me of my heavenly star light covered in the DNA of the ones who were present they looked like holograms of static with blueish outlines the body that I was in didn’t at all cover all of me but as I lay their and stare I Began to shrink I Saw my light body started to blink part of me began going into parts they called legs arms and toe’s it was like I was froze so I made it real with my will and bound me to this fate and then I started to create the world that they were in and forgot and attached to the thing they call living who do they think I am there’s another part of me. they took be to a building they called church  and said this is the temple of god I didn’t believe that there’s was so small many years later I started to awake from walking with the living Dead after being hit in the head I began to detach and my light body started to come back now I can see some of the codes I’m half out and half in temporary lost into a split dimension where I can see the light and the zombies of the living dead.        D.D.Kirkland

my old safe house…….

A picture is worth 1000 words  Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller –  This is my safe house worn  and distasteful rugged and raw filled with the old me shackled and bound by somebody else’s spiritual idealism. this is my safe house filled with my family’s slave name sake. it’s been locked for generations and I am the first one freed to think and choose on my own. the door is unlocked but my love one’s are still  trapped  by an imaginary force this use to be my safe house but now I walk around freely no longer imprisoned in this dirty old safe I stop by it often  to see if my family is free but its only me not sleeping and awake I can see them trapped in this illusion a slave to the pages of a book trying to please God fearful of blaspheme possessed by a holy ghost that’s only a figment of falsehood. an priestcraft there is millions if not billions under the spell of deceitful men in the name of money not god perpetuating the spell of sleep to the masses locking them to their own safe full of lies denying  them to see truth and acknowledge the origins of a system that’s man-made my mind was lost in this safe fearful of going to a fictitious hell with tormenting fire and brimstone to my people you are not the content of this safe when you have knowledge who needs faith the temple of God is within you not in a brick and mortar or some fine so-called house of god don’t be fooled the book was placed by man it did not come here to earth on a speeding lighting bolt glistening like solid gold. but the truth is freedom of your old self awakened by new light to see a safe for just a safe and a book for just a book not a short blueprint of you life.START to break the code with the hammer of truth and the chisel of light and be free from the stained walls of ignorances and misinformation. this is no longer my safe house but it’s the cancer of feeble-minded individuals who do not think and use there minds……..D.D Kirkland


What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

the one experience that changed my life was when I became aware of self . aware of lie’s that I was raised under it was not my parents fault. they thought me as they were thought.under the christian faith as you read many of my blog entries you will see i’m just an apostate one who turned  form the beliefs I use to fancy. what would you do if everything you believed was a lie would you stand up for truth and be shunned or would you continue in a lie to be loved well I took the road of being put down for truth. and bye any-means i’m going to tell it in my own words so sit back and take off your judgmental caps an Read. my first eyeopener was about the biblical Adam & eve the so called first man and woman vs the Spinx in Egypt. if Adam was living today he would be around 2’000 years or more if he really existed furthermore  if this is the beginning of creation for mankind,how could the Spinx be over 18,000 years old who created it. this trows a bone into the hold biblical story of creation; THE SECOND EYEOPENER: the death,an Resurrection. I found out that the resurrection of Christ was not the original it was not the second or the third it was something that was stolen from ancient cultures such as the ancient Egyptians and  the people of India.all of them were savior gods with the same birthday died an resurrected and was said to return. now if your christian don’t all of this sound very familiar.I GUESS SO my third eyeopener was about Jesus an his and his twelve followers. Jesus who christian call the son was really the SUN of our universe an his followers were nothing but the way the SUN move in an out the zodiac.it’s twelve of them I might add light bulb,zing they say Jesus is the light of the world and so is THE SUN I WAS DEVASTATED. the truth really hurts how could I’ve been fooled this way then I realized I was not using my  GOD giving right to just think, man the truth hurts……………DD.Kirkland


there’s someone out their that’s been secretly struggling  with religion feeling like they don’t belong. no matter how much you try to learn or a pastor try’s to teach you just don’t get it. feelings of burning in hell for all eternity lays heavy on your heart  why maybe it’s because of the long nights at church when you were a kid  the horrors of revelations enormous locusts  flesh-eating beast fire that’s going to burn the world. however end time prophecies  are supposedly being for filled in fact that’s all preposterous these things has always been on the horizon. it’s but only two words that can sum up this ideology fear,and uncertainty. it’s a lot to take in as a kid to hear about the beast or the man of sin the allegorical son of satan. if you don’t live right you’re going to hell. as a kid I never could understand why people was so darn happy to die to leave this world maybe it’s because of the blind hopes of a people who have been bamboozled  into hoping for a savior with blonde hair and blue eyes.every Christian , denomination or faith comes  form but one influential mother called the catholic church with its diabolical  tendencies of world domination spawns new christian radicals such as the so-called prophet Joseph smith his views of Mormonism and racial division in the church about African-Americans being the cursed race. sense then the L.D.S removed those views from their church to bring forth equality to its African-American  members in the early 1980’s making it possible for them to be heads of church  pastors teachers and so on.oh how ignorant our those who are still affiliated how do you think  life long Mormons really feel. how can this really be love and of God in-fact it’s all man-made and God doesn’t have anything to do with it. MONEY & CONTROL of people is the real motive behind Christendom no matter what faith there right and your wrong. in the African-American churches of denomination the battle for baptism is at hand being emerged in a body of water in the trinity of the faith or being emerged in only the name of jesus causes division in the church today so other radical groups come in to play called non denomination. they don’t care what faith you are  as long as your names on the dotted line as a member you can be Baptist or catholic ;church of god pentecostal or anything you want to be.why is this happening.people are slowly declining in the church today they are getting sick  of  false hope and confusion  due to the radicals of christ if you don’t pay tithes you will surely burn in hell these Dogmatic views causes the people to be stuck not because they want to but it’s really about fear of not pleasing god  the fear of going to hell the fear of not being able to shout or dance the fear and uncertainty of death even if they can see the trap they are still victims of it.simply because of fear.They want even question the church and it’s leaders  don’t even worry about its bloody ungodly origins an believe the book hold heatedly  without dispute . our people African people don’t need a brick and mortar to acknowledge God African Spirituality is apart of us it’s the magic that makes you think and feel like you never felt before in Christendom theology  is the study of God an in African Spirituality we know you can’t study GOD. how silly do that really sound you can’t study something you can see or understand that’s beyond our comprehension but the  radicals of christ is still here  perpetuating  the lie’s of the catholic church an it’s offsprings it’s so sad. like the old saying go’s “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me” D.DKirkland

Radicals of Christ………..

original DNA…..

My ancient blood flow flows from creation the activation of melanin through my pineal gland, Was once a boy but now a man born out of chaos and friction. The father mother and child awakened by the sun rays. Memories of a young black man locked in a cage generations of injustice. The dissection of my self-worth was thought to hate my brother and put my self first.Now that I’m free from this perpetual slave mental. I realize I’m no longer Europeanized unleashed  from grips of  oppression. My obsession is the liberation of the Asiatic Black man and womb man. So my brothers and sisters wake up and open your eyes we been lied too  giving this cancer called religion.  Causing us to believe  in fairy tales  where we can’t even rationalize don’t even know the truth because we been brought up into lies. but now is the time for real freedom so that We can walk the straight and narrow path. everything was once blurry now I see the world  through a looking-glass  out of the matrix our eyes our unveiled the one’s who’s talking bout heaven but taking our people through hell. these pastors these christian folks tell me how can one who’s  blind see through the lies.

when you have truth who needs a lie!

why is it so hard to believe that they lied to us.what would make a so call god fearing Commandment holding christian lie to advance the gospels did moses ten Commandments  turn to there commandments did they want to push there dogmatic views on a people of a spiritual background are they not the invaders of latter day just like alexander an later his hold bloodline.when you have truth who needs a lie! there was never a letter call j” in the ancient world until the 16th or so century so there never could of been any people called jews ,Jesus or anything for that matter fact. when you have truth who needs a lie.D.D Kirkland

the lockout

what wrong with this

I rather have an endless supply  of  truth then a simple seed of faith.I rather be locked out for the truth then locked into the lies of priest,pastors and so call godly men who spread lies of liberation. woe to the people who indulge in thoughtlessness  an don’t use their minds. woe to the people who believe in allegory as facts and truth for lies I rather be locked out then misled I rather be awoke then sleeping dead.why simply because I rather be locked out  then to sit in the pews. Far from the devil’s pulpit .with their dogmatic view’s I rather be locked out an disowned. I rather teach the truth  then lies in my home I rather be locked out.D.D Kirkland

this is dedicated to the late rev.Robert Taylor

Do worship the son or do you worship the SUN?….

He is the light of the world  so is the sun..He walks on water and so does the sun. He die and was  Resurrected  so did the sun.the son is connected to  the twelve disciples and so is the sun.Do you worship the son or do you worship the SUN?  who is Jesus  Christ and the only Jesus Christ that ever existed. As he passes through one of the twelve disciple signs of the zodiac an takes the character of the signs. he is the lamb of god in march, he is the lion of the tribe of  Judah  in July. he is the SUN.sometimes merciful sometimes violent also the destroyer an also the savior of the world.Loving it at times hating It at others he is the sign that shall be spoken against.  That is the sign of Sagittarius why is it that Christians our mistaken the SUN.For the son man JESUS CHRIST who is really the SUN OF MAN. Maybe because the SUN on Dec,22 dies an is resurrected on Dec,25 in the constellation of the sign Virgo.  Making the SUN born of a virgin just like the fable in the biblical text. At twelve noon the SUN starts its work an at 12 year of age Jesus starts his. At thirty Degrees  the SUN enters into each sign of the Zodiac an at thirty years of age he begins his ministry.  An john the Baptist is none other than the water bearer in the zodiac.So let me ask you again do worship the son or do worship the SUN? D.D Kirkland

Out of the chains of the slave trade an into modern day mental slavery!

I heard someone say why are you still acting like your oppressed it’s the twenty-first century. maybe they don’t know or have no idea  oppression is a reality for some people just because the physical  chain’s are gone are people is still oppressed in a great way not far from the days of Willie lynch.what about our culture our language  our belief system?taking from us by our slave masters in that day. The majority of us to this very day will never get it back. we was made to hate each other Be divided in mind-body an soul.An just like technology it evolved taking us out of the fields an into the slavery of our minds.Religion the  evil  stain that was giving to us by the slave masters they Europeanized us  controlled  us and made us think that it was the will of their god and from generation to generation we passed down the lies from a people who wasn’t our own that’s why we have people who are more christian than the people who created it  still trapped in European  propaganda with no hope of being free an returning to our true self what a shame.were still separated in our beliefs just like on the fields of our oppressors  D.DKirklandmedium_4689254601medium_7645806520