Energy theifs

Energy is very important people we are all full of energy that can be effected by other people with lower vibrations. So if your around the ones whose energy is bad you can suffer it’s just like a thief who stills your joy or a vampire who sucks the substance right out of you I’ve experienced that recently so beware of the energy thief’s who rally to drain you some don’t even know that they are a thief but the good news is that we can get it back by boosting are vibrations. And knowing that we are who we be around in a nutshell so anything that is negative whether uttered or none spoken can manifest itself in a great way in your life even if your awake you ever heard of the saying birds of the same feathers flock’s so true their views and procrastination can influence you even if you’re a no bull shit type of person I am so glad I’ve found my strength again to do what I love because it takes pressure to make a diamond and without it all would be lost. So protect your energy by protecting who you are around………..D.D Kirkland


The Traveler……..

consumed by cluttered  emotions unraveled into nothingness in the fullness of space within my own mind unable to be understood. These visions so vivid and clear is the shimmering light upon the darkest most inter parts of  my temple  unexplored how can I excavate the remains of timeless existence and many lives pasted I still carry with me in this reincarnation ancient memories and teaching from my master teacher I close my eyes and see the compass representing  my endless travel. I can hear the village elders speaking about the traveler who was caught up in a time bomb blowed apart his many pieces scattered around the solar system all taking a different metamorphosis  in this world and on to the next. I travel in the speed of light filling the space  around me the people here think it is me that they know but I am nameless…..perfect black

Better Days to come by…..

you have better days to come by even if shadow clouds hang low better days to come by even if you’re the topic of everyone’s conversation still keep your head on high even if no one’s with still have better days to come by when your feeling low and blue look in the mirror and say your starting a new everything new friends new money even if they laugh at all your idea’s and tell you it want work  just smile at them because it’s better days to come by only if you knew the sun is about to shine so bright for you  because your like water everything passes through when they look at you all they can see is that beam of light shinning so bright on you they don’t want to admit it but they thinking to they self he or she is going to be something so they stick around in hope’s of keeping you down but it’s better days to come by right now you feel like that monkeys on your back squeezing the life out of you and now you think you’re at your wit’s end huh let me tell you my friend you have better days to come by its going to be you with that best seller and multi million dollar book deal and the world is going to see your skills you know why your better days is here it just took you a minute to realize and open your eyes to see when your better days would come by. some of the greatest minds was all alone they laughing because your starting in your basement starting in your home never give up on your dreams no matter how hard it might seem your break is coming only if you can hold on and hold out your about to show out despite of mass rejection the world is your playground and your carving out your section so walk in boldness my friend because it’s magic within…………D.DKirkland


I’m a warrior  spirit like ogun my heart beats in the drums of Shango  so I often dance in a trans like state I hear my ancestors  multitudes of whispers in the vast areas of the sea it was me levitating over my body caught in the mighty winds of o’ya in there I spin around and around like a cyclone of world winds through portals guarded by  Eleggua  we was permitted to enter in the center of this burning light I saw images of creatures From the bottomless dimensions flicker with light so bright that it could not be seen by a mortal eye high up in the heavens I was bestowed  sight  from orunmila long ago before this body reincarnated  many, many times I witness the shrines of the old one’s inside of me with ancient memories I recall a great fall to humanity I had countless names and titles I Am the teacher that’s within you that holds the keys to unlocking the secrets of this tablet and all of the powers that be stay in-tuned to me  behold the splendor of silents when I Speak mortal ears haven’t heard the utterance of one who has been truly touched by the divine touched by lucid sight touched by the Rulers of light    ashe…………….D.D.Kirkland

Rulers of the light

Now i’ll say Farewell Uncle Tom….

medium_3976123125Farewell uncle Tom you can no longer rape me hurt my brothers rape my sisters my necks no longer heavy from the chains of my monstrous  oppressor that treated me like a beast with his sexual aggression I was dirty on the outside in front of other slave traders some black boys you just sodomized and fed to the gators deep in them woods of Louisiana I could see the banners no niggers allowed. So you tied us up like horses getting drenched in the rain you claimed  you had sanity  and we were insane you hugged on your white wife and kissed your white kids but perched in the church about you got to love an forgive down on this floor theses rocks are my witness you fed us slop that was not fit for hogs even the dogs lay-ed up and feasted on the scraps that fell from the masters table but we had to eat to live.oh what would I give to say farewell uncle Tom hope you die in your sleep. you our a treacherous man a child raping kid killing monster that’s not even fit to live you sold all of the adults and kept the kids you had to have them young and fresh for a clean-cut godly man like you to molest some tried to run a way but  they couldn’t out run his horse but the source of his power soon took another turn the further he went the hotter the fire burned popping and cracking as his wife and kids slept he returned with his prize possession and drop to his feet because the house was no more so he couldn’t even go inside so he took out his gun and committed suicide. now I’ll say Farewell uncle Tom you murderous bastard I’m glad your dead look at you laying there with that hold in your head………..D.D Kirkland


my words our a  pandemic highly infectious you can’t even breathe  a contagion like the black of death dark in nature vigorously  gaining momentum unable to be contained I’m an outbreak call me affliction my words sting similar  to scorpions injecting their  venom unto the world synonyms to  plagues wide-spread I touch one I Touch them all infected by my content infected just by my  sight. I am pester hidden under a mask.  hazardous  simply perilous for those who oppose an attempt to twist I’ll tell you this I am  propaganda that keeps you chained I am slander that damages your good name. but many misunderstand  my words in paragraphs books and phrases trapped in my labyrinth entirely confused. I LAUGH AT FOOLS  who see lie’s for truth right before their eyes I am the last words after death that dazzles the spectators about your mortal life without me the world would be lost in silent’s  no one would be understood  I am a wizard and words our my wand I uses them continually to convey  my deepest thoughts with words. In them I have found a fountain of truth  that’s so blissful and refreshing. I can be used for good or for evil deeds  I can bring the strongest man to his knees with just words alone religion’s our built upon me  even in some books I am GOD speaking written in red . I am Plaque  highly INFECTIOUS and widespread ………………………….D.D Kirkland

Concrete Rose………

born out of chaos and friction between the cracks of solid matter I can hear the chatter of spectators I can see them when they cut their eyes and turn up their nose looking in the cracks at this beautiful black rose so elegant and regal so graceful beyond belief placed in the middle of this old concrete. with no shadows or clouds but the sun smiles on me more often than most so I  bend with the wind And I’m not to proud to boast I’m a concrete rose they tried  to cut me away but  my thorns cut and poke  so they  would,t  even dare come closes but one day she met a gentle hand he caressed  her pedals and cooled her roots and said can I save you and maybe take you to my greenhouse  so that I can nurture you replant you in fresh soil because you are beautiful magnificent and classy cool and sassy you are a woman the greatest gift placed on earth your works are sometime’s unnoticed but you are still strong and victorious you are my concrete black rose. D.D Kirkland

Shared Stardust……..

up on the tip tops my mind flip-flops from music to the pin well I guess  I,ll just compose sitting here froze with my lips locked as the clocks go ticktock I Carry my heart in a zip lock away from would be breakers. I see the movers and shakers and the neighborhood trouble makers saying the sun Don.t shine my way. it’s kinda hard from the start to be happy when everybody around wears a frond it’s really different when you’re in it and targeted by eugenics mixed up in this riffraff Damn we just used the last pack of candles in the bag but our lights cut off in the deadly freeze of winter. I’m really tired of getting splinters messing with this wood stove.but the worlds cold like me my sisters and brothers room I watch the moon the only light in My room glued to the windows wishing I can leave this place on a shooting star far from the boulevard but I’m a dreamer so I go there in spirit on the plains of Africa deep down in the Serengeti and sometime I don’t want to return but my mother yearns for me because she knows some day I’ll be star glistening in my star-dust illuminated by my smile and she will say that’s my child mr successful no matter how hight I climb no matter how beautifully I shine I’m no better than no one. so I Share my star-dust with other would be stars because I aroused from the ashes like a diamond in the rough  was down on my luck but still shared my stardust……D.D Kirkland


just as space  I’m  bottomless upside down endless all around in thought just as the sea I’m refreshing calm  and cool very much so deadly and cruel  but life-giving why don’t you take a dip into my pool of thought. many times I’ve  fought with my talents came to grips with my fate dealt with hate on a daily basis’ but only in my penmanship I’ve founded a hiding place. I’m Sometimes a slave to my own phrases shackled and bound they pound on me vigorously for me to write them down scratching at my surface  making me ill until my cup runs over and spill I’m a poet no one has to tell me I know it. I have many sleepless nights  because of these hunting words howling in my innards slithering in my Nerves. the pen the pad and every computer I’ve ever had has been my contentment  the only resentment  was when I could,t write to  entice my intellect giving freedom to my words with verbs an adverbs profound with nouns a complex puzzle I jotted down giving me a dose of poetic anesthetic to sooth my ongoing pain to bring me sunshine out of  my troubled rain. even tho shadow clouds are near I’m fearless at heart vibrant in spirit courageous in mind beautifully placed like musical notes in octaves  Devine….D.D Kirkland

Shadow clouds of thought………….

Eternal Sleep………Our you Asleep.

small__3433385866I use to be asleep an awake and broad day sleep to the injustice sleep to the lies right before my very  eyes sleep to the hold truth eyes open but sleep ears clogged  I did,t hear a peep  sleep but talking sleep walking in a world of sleepers I had finally opened my eyes like a new-born infant free from indoctrination free from propaganda with my soaring senses I stepped out into the world and suddenly religion did,t mean anything to me immediately I saw the so-called truths for lies I Found myself alone in a land of sleeping my world was so vivid and clear I started to shed tears for my love one’s who aimlessly slumbered   in great numbers with  vail’s over their eyes talking to them was like talking to I Tried to lead them to an awakening state I saw their fate  the more I talked the deeper they slept  clinging to this Dogma clinging to this faith while sleeping. Then I realized I’m only a seed planter sowing seeds to people who eternally sleeps now I lay awake but sleeping crawling out of my body traveling to see new light I am  AWAKE……D.D Kirkland