who I am and who I am not

I am a Writer and my  Life revolves around being left mostly alone in my own solitude.Hunted by my most deepest of thoughts I am not religious  and religiosity has no place  within the thinking of mankind. For religions our the strongholds of despotism and madness. I am not political in nature  nor do I adhere to the views of state and country for this place is not my home. I am not an American because equality is absent. But what is present is the shattered picture of one mans Dream to be free  that horribly when wrong sure the laws have changed but there minds remains the same. I am not ignorant nor am I ill-mannered  I am not a gangster or a thug but I am powerful and my mind is brilliant  I am a dangerous force to be reckoned but most of my brethren  our still the slaves of  the trans atlantic days and even if they act a little crazed it’s just because they forgotten there brilliant ways and I would say to them are you still that slave? I am not an animal that needs to be caged but a visionary with crystal clear gaze to see our mishaps and short comings  our triumphs and achievements our sadness in the mist of genocide I am not the holder of traditional views of radical fools and there lost causes. I am newness and my path has not been laid before me I am freedom a treatment that straightens a sickened mind………….D.D Kirkland



words pour out like rain clouds out into the distances onto would be worshipers drizzling them with word drops from my many fountains of celestial waterholes from within could it be im drowning in a bottomless sea vessel just as a figment of marvelous word art and poetic fondness. for with words I’ve been secluded wrapped up in my own solitude with no one lost in my own matrixes a labyrinth of shadow clouds passed down from one poet to the next they are within me blended until  bliss I close my eyes and download the list for I am great like my brother keepers that have met the grand reaper in death but there words was left lost in the troublesome waters no longer able to confess they are tied to me  I can see their mountains of words layered away for me intertwined with mine remarkably Divine how ever when the weather is uncertain and the mighty wind blows through my curtains they call out to me begging  in competition for me to write them down saying you are the vessel SPEAK NOW so like a puppet is to the puppet master I willingly write them down and it becomes me my words become theres giving them a voice in this life and on to the next for I Have eaten with the multitude tasted the words of brilliant minds but my demons and I still quarrel within the bone yard of flesh-eating parasites over words I am the vessel the mouthpiece of the voiceless the sanctuary for the restless and faint at heart I am the vessel……………….SORRY FOR THE WAIT!!!!!!!!!!……….D.D Kirkland

Better Days to come by…..

you have better days to come by even if shadow clouds hang low better days to come by even if you’re the topic of everyone’s conversation still keep your head on high even if no one’s with you.you still have better days to come by when your feeling low and blue look in the mirror and say your starting a new everything new friends new money even if they laugh at all your idea’s and tell you it want work  just smile at them because it’s better days to come by only if you knew the sun is about to shine so bright for you  because your like water everything passes through when they look at you all they can see is that beam of light shinning so bright on you they don’t want to admit it but they thinking to they self he or she is going to be something so they stick around in hope’s of keeping you down but it’s better days to come by right now you feel like that monkeys on your back squeezing the life out of you and now you think you’re at your wit’s end huh let me tell you my friend you have better days to come by its going to be you with that best seller and multi million dollar book deal and the world is going to see your skills you know why your better days is here it just took you a minute to realize and open your eyes to see when your better days would come by. some of the greatest minds was all alone they laughing because your starting in your basement starting in your home never give up on your dreams no matter how hard it might seem your break is coming only if you can hold on and hold out your about to show out despite of mass rejection the world is your playground and your carving out your section so walk in boldness my friend because it’s magic within…………D.DKirkland


medium_7346605688I use to be a part of this old puzzle but now I don’t fit in snuggled closely next to the pieces  that use to be old friends over time I grew  and advanced they stayed the same flat and dull but I elevated  graduated by leaps and bounds today I was in the mist of them surveying for another spot but I Did not fit no way no how.damn I guess I expanded out of these tiny little spaces no longer apart of the pieces because my view’s our no longer there view’s of being trapped in a box locked into a I’ll just settle state of mind the world is too big  so I slide out of the box and landed on fertile  ground and some of my seeds I put down to spring up these beautiful trees of possibilities even tho some might say I’m hopeless but I’m not void of sight later that night I had a vision of perfectly  not fitting since I ‘m abstract  original unorthodox a maverick so I couldn’t be trapped and entangled with these old pieces my thesis  is to reach your brain well how can I Explain well drive in your own lane don’t follow the pieces……..DD.Kirkland

the pieces


my words our a  pandemic highly infectious you can’t even breathe  a contagion like the black of death dark in nature vigorously  gaining momentum unable to be contained I’m an outbreak call me affliction my words sting similar  to scorpions injecting their  venom unto the world synonyms to  plagues wide-spread I touch one I Touch them all infected by my content infected just by my  sight. I am pester hidden under a mask.  hazardous  simply perilous for those who oppose an attempt to twist I’ll tell you this I am  propaganda that keeps you chained I am slander that damages your good name. but many misunderstand  my words in paragraphs books and phrases trapped in my labyrinth entirely confused. I LAUGH AT FOOLS  who see lie’s for truth right before their eyes I am the last words after death that dazzles the spectators about your mortal life without me the world would be lost in silent’s  no one would be understood  I am a wizard and words our my wand I uses them continually to convey  my deepest thoughts with words. In them I have found a fountain of truth  that’s so blissful and refreshing. I can be used for good or for evil deeds  I can bring the strongest man to his knees with just words alone religion’s our built upon me  even in some books I am GOD speaking written in red . I am Plaque  highly INFECTIOUS and widespread ………………………….D.D Kirkland

Concrete Rose………

born out of chaos and friction between the cracks of solid matter I can hear the chatter of spectators I can see them when they cut their eyes and turn up their nose looking in the cracks at this beautiful black rose so elegant and regal so graceful beyond belief placed in the middle of this old concrete. with no shadows or clouds but the sun smiles on me more often than most so I  bend with the wind And I’m not to proud to boast I’m a concrete rose they tried  to cut me away but  my thorns cut and poke  so they  would,t  even dare come closes but one day she met a gentle hand he caressed  her pedals and cooled her roots and said can I save you and maybe take you to my greenhouse  so that I can nurture you replant you in fresh soil because you are beautiful magnificent and classy cool and sassy you are a woman the greatest gift placed on earth your works are sometime’s unnoticed but you are still strong and victorious you are my concrete black rose. D.D Kirkland

Shared Stardust……..

up on the tip tops my mind flip-flops from music to the pin well I guess  I,ll just compose sitting here froze with my lips locked as the clocks go ticktock I Carry my heart in a zip lock away from would be breakers. I see the movers and shakers and the neighborhood trouble makers saying the sun Don.t shine my way. it’s kinda hard from the start to be happy when everybody around wears a frond it’s really different when you’re in it and targeted by eugenics mixed up in this riffraff Damn we just used the last pack of candles in the bag but our lights cut off in the deadly freeze of winter. I’m really tired of getting splinters messing with this wood stove.but the worlds cold like me my sisters and brothers room I watch the moon the only light in My room glued to the windows wishing I can leave this place on a shooting star far from the boulevard but I’m a dreamer so I go there in spirit on the plains of Africa deep down in the Serengeti and sometime I don’t want to return but my mother yearns for me because she knows some day I’ll be star glistening in my star-dust illuminated by my smile and she will say that’s my child mr successful no matter how hight I climb no matter how beautifully I shine I’m no better than no one. so I Share my star-dust with other would be stars because I aroused from the ashes like a diamond in the rough  was down on my luck but still shared my stardust……D.D Kirkland


large_4631523230it is with Egypt where I’ve found the keys to unlocking  lie’s and Myst’s the power of the names of the gods for libation the ancestral  oneness of pure utterance a pictorial bliss as I stand on the wings of Horus and rest on the shoulders of the Sphinx I See in the depths of the great Nile. before  Ptolemy I and Arab invaders whose origins is not of  Egypt I see on the walls nothing but Perfect Black.the makers the owners the Fathers of civilization in me and I Alone can change my destiny. I can smell the lovely lotus flowers that’s plentiful in the land.and hints of Jasmine with sandalwood I can hear the faint voice of  Sesheta I Can see the marvelous Seven rayed star that’s on the crown of her head surmounted by two horns which directly links her to the dual star system called Sirius sefket represents seven  seven colors in light seven musical tones  and with Egypt holds the secrets of seven………..DD,Kirkland

Secrets of seven……..


I’m apart of this mysterious dark matter I close my eyes and hear the splitter splatter of my ancient blood flow. In it is the blueprints of creations pasted my glass runs over the clusters of stars called Orion. Visions of times of antiquity on this planet an on to the next ions away through parallel dimensions I go with no gravity. Intertwined my body I leave behind as my spirit watch the clocks freeze but im not alone. As I travel warp speed with seven spiritual beings holding keys of truth. They treated me as one of their own they took me to their dwelling. An asked me do I remember the light then I saw the glare of a marvelous purple moon. It’s rays illuminated the room and out of the windows. I see colorful stars and golden meteorites bigger then our  planet earth endless fields of space covered with life that’s unknown. Go deep into your ancient memory banks and recall these images of home. But you only can get here withnatural melanin anything artificial won’t work we are connected to the trees and the dirt the original of all things melanin…..D.D. Kirkland