Near Death……….

It happened so suddenly struck so hard it made my spirit leave

as I lay on the ground in disbelief legs twisted trying to get up my spirit liftedScreen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.41.46 PM

and shot up so fast like a lighting bolt as I climbed a few thousand feet I began to float

my astral eyes were like tunnel vision as I looked at my humanly form a sadness started to brew a storm

seeing the aftermath of me being torn away from my family taking away from my wife and kids.

I Wanted to live but what returned and took resident in this old shell would prove to be an untold tell

of knowledge from a different plane a spirit being that had over a million names

is with me and still remains when I  was up there up in the air I perceived a luminous glare

from a being that told me my home was there where up in the air far,far away

from this floating stone that i now call home and I use too Rome to galaxies unknown.

By perfectblack Posted in Awake

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