The transfiguration of self is limitless
when one journeys closer to the seed rays
of this obsidian sun may the black flame burn
within us and keep us the sons and daughters of the royal bloodline
for in time pandemonium will be. Let them come and live
life as we do for I am he An he is me therefore we are one in the same. Of the same blood that I Drink from my chalice

With every sip I grow stronger my inside’s are turned outward and my bloodstream is now a river of Demonic life I close my eyes and he spoke to me plainly but I was not afraid He anointed me with his essence and made me hold now I am one with the old one. My eye speaks multitudes of knowledge and wisdom from centuries pasted a transmigration from one realm to the realm of my enter self oh what wealth awaits me the black flame burns inward but do not dissipate me for I am He eternally¬†Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.48.59 PM

By perfectblack Posted in Awake

8 comments on “INTERNAL ESSENCE…….

  1. your “bloodstream is a river of demonic life”….?

    Sir, Jesus is the only one who can give you true Life, everything else is a deception and a trap.

    There is no real power or freedom or transfiguration to be gained from those who come from the pit, only bondage and death…

    Christ has set us free. I pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to you in an unmistakable way, and reveal the true identity and nature of the “old one”…

    • this is your perception not mine the manmade god or jesus your talking about is a figment of you own imagination I Hope you find truth in your journey with your fictitious christ and don’t past judgement on the things you know nothing about. How can you know about freedom when your not free controlled by a book that was placed by man why do you even think that your religion has the right to lash out to non believers of your faith. I am African and do not care to hear about your slave religion and your helplessness of self good day

      • I am not trying to pass judgment on you sir. I know you are sincere in your search for spiritual truth and experience. But I am simply speaking to you in love, because I know personally the reality and danger of the demonic realm. The Bible is not a manmade book, nor is Jesus a manmade God, but He is the one authority under which every single spirit and demon and so-called “ascended master” cringes from in fear. They cannot touch His power, and Jesus does not come to make us slaves, but to set us free from own, internal slavery to sin. Many blessings to you sir, in the name of the God who loves you and knows you by name… Peace.

      • this is what I Call psychosis my friend truly you never done your research about the made up god you serve but thats ok maybe you would seek out your own truth about it jesus was not the only savior god the story is all allegory my friend stolen from other places around the world before there was a resurrection of any christ there was the resurrection of osiris that predates any of your clams of authenticity your lord and savior was premeditated by the council of nicea in the year 325 I’m telling you this because there is a life of morale after you find out its all lies I use to be like you but not any more sorry sir my post do not have anything to do with a fictitious hell or pit

      • Yes, I understand that, but what I meant by “engagement” was in the direct sense, whereby you are speaking to them and listening to what they have to say, etc. This is where all the false teachings of things like “self-actualization” come from. The Lie of the serpent who tricks men and women into believing they can become their own god….

        I do not suffer from the “fear of uncertainty”. There is only one thing that is actually healthy to “fear”, and that is the God who made us all, made everything, even the spirits around us, and the spiritual realms/dimensions they inhabit. There is nothing unknown to Him, no “mysteries”.

        Anyhow… I am simply just trying to say that I am familiar with many of the teachings and practices you have embraced, and would warn anyone who believes in them that they are in fact engaging the demonic realm, (which you yourself seem to understand, as you talk about “demons in your blood”…) but there is ultimately NOTHING to be gained from demons friend. They might offer you temporary power, or ideas that sound like wisdom, but they are all damned, and their intention is to pull us away from God and to share their fate… They are liars and deceivers, and like I said, the most powerful demon runs screaming at the name of Jesus…

      • Ok thanks for your insight at the end of the day I am not religious and do not adhere to the hold Christian thing period. there’s a trap in that what you believe in I rather have a bucket of truth then hand full of faith an meaningless bible quotes from a book that was inspired by man to control people like you if this is what you believe fine clearly you misinterpreted the post and thats fine also have a good day we would never see along the same lines because religion is dead to me and it will be as it always been a stronghold of despotism

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