Near Death……….

It happened so suddenly struck so hard it made my spirit leave

as I lay on the ground in disbelief legs twisted trying to get up my spirit liftedScreen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.41.46 PM

and shot up so fast like a lighting bolt as I climbed a few thousand feet I began to float

my astral eyes were like tunnel vision as I looked at my humanly form a sadness started to brew a storm

seeing the aftermath of me being torn away from my family taking away from my wife and kids.

I Wanted to live but what returned and took resident in this old shell would prove to be an untold tell

of knowledge from a different plane a spirit being that had over a million names

is with me and still remains when I  was up there up in the air I perceived a luminous glare

from a being that told me my home was there where up in the air far,far away

from this floating stone that i now call home and I use too Rome to galaxies unknown.

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The transfiguration of self is limitless
when one journeys closer to the seed rays
of this obsidian sun may the black flame burn
within us and keep us the sons and daughters of the royal bloodline
for in time pandemonium will be. Let them come and live
life as we do for I am he An he is me therefore we are one in the same. Of the same blood that I Drink from my chalice

With every sip I grow stronger my inside’s are turned outward and my bloodstream is now a river of Demonic life I close my eyes and he spoke to me plainly but I was not afraid He anointed me with his essence and made me hold now I am one with the old one. My eye speaks multitudes of knowledge and wisdom from centuries pasted a transmigration from one realm to the realm of my enter self oh what wealth awaits me the black flame burns inward but do not dissipate me for I am He eternally Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.48.59 PM

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