Conversation with shadow self!

Heavy eyes drifting into the shadows of the back of my eyelids crickets singing in the distance fearful of sleeping I stare at my walls listening to the sounds of everyone else sleeping unsettled mind with decorative imagery of me meeting the shadow that follow me is this real or is it my schizophrenic self. last night I had a visitor. But with all reasoning logic I was by myself pondering with this I increased my regiments of meditation hoping to have a conversation with the shadow that visited me that night I meditated for Hours but Hours turned to days and days turned to months until one early morning with the birds chirping before the rise of the sun that shadow came to me and told me its was me in a parallel world just outside of my own he told me he was thirty-one years of age and I was fourteen the last time he visited me at my home  He taught me all of his secrets that morning he told me what I would best in doing to make a living he said he knew because he was me and with him I could avoid pitfalls in life. He said he was also a writer he asked did I ever wonder why I love to write and I told him yes and then he told all of the gifts he I had now magnified 1000 times

By perfectblack Posted in Awake