Better Days to come by…..

this is some inspiration for those of you who might feel down and out or maybe even hopeless it’s better Days to come by my friends……perfectblack your friend in poetry

Perfect Black

you have better days to come by even if shadow clouds hang low better days to come by even if you’re the topic of everyone’s conversation still keep your head on high even if no one’s with still have better days to come by when your feeling low and blue look in the mirror and say your starting a new everything new friends new money even if they laugh at all your idea’s and tell you it want work  just smile at them because it’s better days to come by only if you knew the sun is about to shine so bright for you  because your like water everything passes through when they look at you all they can see is that beam of light shinning so bright on you they don’t want to admit it but they thinking to they self he or she is going to be…

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The chaos code……..

why is the hold of mankind so parasitic spreading from host to host eating away at purity emptying out the very essences of the light of the world but in chaos and darkness there’s a certain type of beauty that exist. we can not witness evil without good we can not truly know darkness without the ever so shining light. in fact where would we be Without  Chaos. A Destroyed Forrest flourishes after wildfires which in turn births untold beauty in substantial life a purification in the Chaos code. for in this code we can find serenity in troublesome times through a painful metamorphosis where we are rejuvenated  brought up triggered by the chaos code…………D.DKirkland