Tend to your own backyard….

Better is he that give from his hold heart blindly but not foolishly charity from a giver who thinks less of you and gives out of pity is this charity or just the mindset of the rich. Giving is more than feeling sorry for a person or cause giving is heart-felt and selfless with no respect of persons race religion or creed. How can you give to the rich and shameless and it’s people starving in your own backyard. How can you even talk about humanity or even call yourself a humanitarian on a flight across the world when its little boys and girls in your own backyard. That the community has forgotten about. How can this be the land of the free when everything is taxable before Obama we had money for wars and still couldn’t feed poor why because America couldn’t mind its own business always putting their two cents in and got the nerves to call Israel a friend.that’s just a political mess to send are solders to their deaths all because they could not see it or they just didn’t care what go on in their own backyard. D.D KIrkland


5 comments on “Tend to your own backyard….

  1. Yes, I always believe it’s right to give and in doing so, one must be wise about it. We shouldn’t see ourselves as superior just because we are the ones giving.

    Nice take on the act of giving.

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