Concrete Rose………

born out of chaos and friction between the cracks of solid matter I can hear the chatter of spectators I can see them when they cut their eyes and turn up their nose looking in the cracks at this beautiful black rose so elegant and regal so graceful beyond belief placed in the middle of this old concrete. with no shadows or clouds but the sun smiles on me more often than most so I  bend with the wind And I’m not to proud to boast I’m a concrete rose they tried  to cut me away but  my thorns cut and poke  so they  would,t  even dare come closes but one day she met a gentle hand he caressed  her pedals and cooled her roots and said can I save you and maybe take you to my greenhouse  so that I can nurture you replant you in fresh soil because you are beautiful magnificent and classy cool and sassy you are a woman the greatest gift placed on earth your works are sometime’s unnoticed but you are still strong and victorious you are my concrete black rose. D.D Kirkland


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