Shared Stardust……..

up on the tip tops my mind flip-flops from music to the pin well I guess  I,ll just compose sitting here froze with my lips locked as the clocks go ticktock I Carry my heart in a zip lock away from would be breakers. I see the movers and shakers and the neighborhood trouble makers saying the sun Don.t shine my way. it’s kinda hard from the start to be happy when everybody around wears a frond it’s really different when you’re in it and targeted by eugenics mixed up in this riffraff Damn we just used the last pack of candles in the bag but our lights cut off in the deadly freeze of winter. I’m really tired of getting splinters messing with this wood stove.but the worlds cold like me my sisters and brothers room I watch the moon the only light in My room glued to the windows wishing I can leave this place on a shooting star far from the boulevard but I’m a dreamer so I go there in spirit on the plains of Africa deep down in the Serengeti and sometime I don’t want to return but my mother yearns for me because she knows some day I’ll be star glistening in my star-dust illuminated by my smile and she will say that’s my child mr successful no matter how hight I climb no matter how beautifully I shine I’m no better than no one. so I Share my star-dust with other would be stars because I aroused from the ashes like a diamond in the rough  was down on my luck but still shared my stardust……D.D Kirkland


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