my pen’s my inspiration siting here watching ceiling fans go round and round trying to cut down on my perspiration if your going to do anything you got have motivation, dedication to make it through to start a new. everyone has a gift but it’s up to us to unwrap an unfold the greatest story of you have never ever  been told it’s a best seller in you they said you could,t do anything but with perseverance you managed to carry on an prove the people in your world wrong because it a certain magic in you your own mother couldn’t see but you always knew you were highly gifted lifted  by the Divine you knew a metamorphosis would take place in time. that’s why you never worried what the masses though  you knew you would be above water when they all was sinking they called you foolish  but you were  thinking what a shame the life of a writer is solitude an any little thing can inspire  us to move……D.D Kirkland



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