just as space  I’m  bottomless upside down endless all around in thought just as the sea I’m refreshing calm  and cool very much so deadly and cruel  but life-giving why don’t you take a dip into my pool of thought. many times I’ve  fought with my talents came to grips with my fate dealt with hate on a daily basis’ but only in my penmanship I’ve founded a hiding place. I’m Sometimes a slave to my own phrases shackled and bound they pound on me vigorously for me to write them down scratching at my surface  making me ill until my cup runs over and spill I’m a poet no one has to tell me I know it. I have many sleepless nights  because of these hunting words howling in my innards slithering in my Nerves. the pen the pad and every computer I’ve ever had has been my contentment  the only resentment  was when I could,t write to  entice my intellect giving freedom to my words with verbs an adverbs profound with nouns a complex puzzle I jotted down giving me a dose of poetic anesthetic to sooth my ongoing pain to bring me sunshine out of  my troubled rain. even tho shadow clouds are near I’m fearless at heart vibrant in spirit courageous in mind beautifully placed like musical notes in octaves  Devine….D.D Kirkland

Shadow clouds of thought………….


3 comments on “Shadow clouds of thought………….

  1. Beautiful! I often feel exactly the same
    way, many a sleepless night unable to shut off the valve spewing words out of my mind. Not until I write them down can I ever get peace enough to sleep.

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