Eternal Sleep………Our you Asleep.

small__3433385866I use to be asleep an awake and broad day sleep to the injustice sleep to the lies right before my very  eyes sleep to the hold truth eyes open but sleep ears clogged  I did,t hear a peep  sleep but talking sleep walking in a world of sleepers I had finally opened my eyes like a new-born infant free from indoctrination free from propaganda with my soaring senses I stepped out into the world and suddenly religion did,t mean anything to me immediately I saw the so-called truths for lies I Found myself alone in a land of sleeping my world was so vivid and clear I started to shed tears for my love one’s who aimlessly slumbered   in great numbers with  vail’s over their eyes talking to them was like talking to I Tried to lead them to an awakening state I saw their fate  the more I talked the deeper they slept  clinging to this Dogma clinging to this faith while sleeping. Then I realized I’m only a seed planter sowing seeds to people who eternally sleeps now I lay awake but sleeping crawling out of my body traveling to see new light I am  AWAKE……D.D Kirkland


2 comments on “Eternal Sleep………Our you Asleep.

  1. Thank goodness for “soaring senses.” We read in, 21st Century Science and Health, “Sleep and apathy are dimensions of the dream that life, substance, and intelligence are temporal, measurable. Ironically, the human night-dream is sometimes closer to the fact of being than are the thoughts of human beings when they are awake. For example, the night-dreams present fewer limitations, less bulk. The dreamer can freely fly through the air.”

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