The quilted Vail………

Oh how blind are those who do not  see with their hold being but only with their natural eyes you could not see the quilted vail heavy and wet dripping with ignorance  stained with disbelief  and carefully woven with pass me down beliefs just as family traditions an heirlooms the quilted vail lingers on regardless  of your own knowledge ,research and understanding. The quilted vail starts to cover your entire head this vail is inherited by our offsprings.this same quilted vail has infiltrated our own awareness around the circumference of thoughtlessness this quilted vail has literally taking over our lives. generation after generation. When will  the blindness cease do you have the persistence  to be free here I’ll give you the keys to detach yourself from the ideology of this dogma called religion this will began the process of cutting away at the very fabric of this quilted vail because knowledge is power and boldness is magical. could you stand up and go against the grain for truth to escape the controlling grips  of this quilted vail  by paving your own paths not the one’s that was giving to you but the truths you have found to be true in spirit and mind on your personal spiritual voyage to my people OPEN YOUR EYES  LISTEN TO THAT INTER MOST VOICE because the truth will definitely set us all free indeed so mote it be!!! D.D Kirkland


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