Mind Bender..

medium_4219041554I am a mind bender witness the splendor of thoughts outlined in chalks so blissful and new take a sip of this intellectual brew that centers your spirit and captivates your mind in the angle of perpendicular lines intertwined now let me tickle your emotions an play with your mind thats trapped in this bind now as you bend to my will let me  imprint these codes as I twist and bend on your frontal lobe getting rid of imperfection like laziness, procrastination and self hate igniting thoughts an feelings that motivate your  cerebral cortex tapped me an said it could’t wait your still sleeping and not awake you been having problems with your conscious mind now let bend a little here an you’ll be fine. I learned  how to do this directly from the Devine I Could put my thoughts into yours so when it rain’s it pours Im a Mind Bender behold the story of the mind have never been told so you listen up here before you lose control  with excitement and glee now Ive  touched portions of the mind that have,t been used when you close your eyes now solid  matter will move……D.DKirkland


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