What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

the one experience that changed my life was when I became aware of self . aware of lie’s that I was raised under it was not my parents fault. they thought me as they were thought.under the christian faith as you read many of my blog entries you will see i’m just an apostate one who turned  form the beliefs I use to fancy. what would you do if everything you believed was a lie would you stand up for truth and be shunned or would you continue in a lie to be loved well I took the road of being put down for truth. and bye any-means i’m going to tell it in my own words so sit back and take off your judgmental caps an Read. my first eyeopener was about the biblical Adam & eve the so called first man and woman vs the Spinx in Egypt. if Adam was living today he would be around 2’000 years or more if he really existed furthermore  if this is the beginning of creation for mankind,how could the Spinx be over 18,000 years old who created it. this trows a bone into the hold biblical story of creation; THE SECOND EYEOPENER: the death,an Resurrection. I found out that the resurrection of Christ was not the original it was not the second or the third it was something that was stolen from ancient cultures such as the ancient Egyptians and  the people of India.all of them were savior gods with the same birthday died an resurrected and was said to return. now if your christian don’t all of this sound very familiar.I GUESS SO my third eyeopener was about Jesus an his and his twelve followers. Jesus who christian call the son was really the SUN of our universe an his followers were nothing but the way the SUN move in an out the’s twelve of them I might add light bulb,zing they say Jesus is the light of the world and so is THE SUN I WAS DEVASTATED. the truth really hurts how could I’ve been fooled this way then I realized I was not using my  GOD giving right to just think, man the truth hurts……………DD.Kirkland


6 comments on “THE TRUTH HURTS………

  1. There is now and always has been only one real religion and that is the mystery religion. It was often said in acient times that Isis had a thousand faces, meaning that while there seemed to be many different practices and beliefs they actually all the same because they had been created by the same people. This was how the high priests of the mystery religion were able to get the masses to accept the beliefs of the mystery religion as their own without them actually knowing the truth.

    You are maybe the second person I have ever encountered that has understood that the bible is an allegory and that the zodiac calender is what lies at the heart of all religious myths that are spread as truth. Jesus is said to be Gods son on earth but really he is the actual sun in the sky, the physical representation of the life giving power of the creator. Jesus is always represented by the fish or picses and Judas is scorpio the scorpian who betrays the sun in october (october surprise) leading to his death in winter. The suns movement was charted on what is called “The Cross of the Zodiac” and each december for several days it appears to stop moving or it “hangs upon the cross” as jesus did. Then in spring the sun is reborn bringing life back to the world or the story of the resurrection. Twelve tribes of Israel (Isis-Ra-El the first trinity) twelve signs of the zodiac. I could go on and on but I wont because you probably know all this already! I look forward to reading more and when I get more time I will go back and read through your older posts.

      • Even the major Greek philosophers spent at least 20 years or more studying the mysteries in Egypt before returning to Greece and starting schools of their own with the same degrees and teachings as the mystery schools in Egypt! I will definitely be back to your blog, so refreshing to find someone else who is awake and sees the truth!

  2. Thanks for liking and following…I agree that our minds be opened. Not opened to ANY human opinion, but to a Relationship. I asked Truth for revelation and my experience trumps all high thoughts.

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