large_4631523230it is with Egypt where I’ve found the keys to unlocking  lie’s and Myst’s the power of the names of the gods for libation the ancestral  oneness of pure utterance a pictorial bliss as I stand on the wings of Horus and rest on the shoulders of the Sphinx I See in the depths of the great Nile. before  Ptolemy I and Arab invaders whose origins is not of  Egypt I see on the walls nothing but Perfect Black.the makers the owners the Fathers of civilization in me and I Alone can change my destiny. I can smell the lovely lotus flowers that’s plentiful in the land.and hints of Jasmine with sandalwood I can hear the faint voice of  Sesheta I Can see the marvelous Seven rayed star that’s on the crown of her head surmounted by two horns which directly links her to the dual star system called Sirius sefket represents seven  seven colors in light seven musical tones  and with Egypt holds the secrets of seven………..DD,Kirkland

Secrets of seven……..


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