original DNA…..

My ancient blood flow flows from creation the activation of melanin through my pineal gland, Was once a boy but now a man born out of chaos and friction. The father mother and child awakened by the sun rays. Memories of a young black man locked in a cage generations of injustice. The dissection of my self-worth was thought to hate my brother and put my self first.Now that I’m free from this perpetual slave mental. I realize I’m no longer Europeanized unleashed  from grips of  oppression. My obsession is the liberation of the Asiatic Black man and womb man. So my brothers and sisters wake up and open your eyes we been lied too  giving this cancer called religion.  Causing us to believe  in fairy tales  where we can’t even rationalize don’t even know the truth because we been brought up into lies. but now is the time for real freedom so that We can walk the straight and narrow path. everything was once blurry now I see the world  through a looking-glass  out of the matrix our eyes our unveiled the one’s who’s talking bout heaven but taking our people through hell. these pastors these christian folks tell me how can one who’s  blind see through the lies.


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