Limitless Bounds

What is the totality of infinite knowing is it merely the endless triumphs of a continuation through our mortal demise a metamorphosis into spirit even tho our minds embraces this transition  of newness beyond flash blood and bone fragment and  matter moreover limitless leaps and bounds stagnated by our mental troubled waters.will we drown in our own thoughts of delusions hypnotized by a  six and seventh sense that scientist say don’t exist can we envision the lips of our ancestors faint cries  and look through the eyes of a people who once was in the city of many,many moons our eyes can see the stars called many through the fullness of the multiverse  a manifesto of galactic wisdom which was taught to me to as I slumbered uploaded to my memory bank by ancient astronauts it was never a time we were not our existence is limitless. endless, timeless and unbound. D.D.Kirkland

By perfectblack Posted in Awake

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