The failed perpetual attempts for deletion of black”

How can we be apart of the  bell curve ? It was are people in the beginning who created it you are the one’s who plagiarized and copied it.just like other invaders. See mathematics science and philosophy was giving to our people in the times of antiquity . So how can you be the gifted class wiping out factual truths about the past See the task of these so-called scientific nuts is to erase and replace that everyone comes from black! fact known but unknown on the walls of Egypt or kemmet  you can see the attempts for the deletion of black. But why is it that are people seem to have no idea. This injustice is perpetuated its advancement through technology and science is distressing see we are considered the lesser class of civilization. Their studies show that our offspring will end up on drugs incarcerated or dead. That is why there are programs established for the deletion of black. Cultural superiority is real in today’s world  and we are aboard a new slave ship called Eugenics. Who is the superior class if all of are Black men is incarcerated. Who will father our kids the fact that so many of our men is in prison posses a dramatic affect on our reproduction. Leaving our women victims of interracial relationships enhancing the deletion of black. See the fact of the matter is that the majority of our people spend the greater amount of their time reading a fictitious book called the bible. What do this have in reference to this report. Well let me elaborate how can we see whats going on today when our eyes are glued to the book of genesis. When there is eugenists contemplating our demise and the deletion of black through their systems they send into the senate and congress. And also world powers to further their agenda with documented reports on how to get rid of contain the disfavored group meaning people of African origins. (In the book by Margaret Sanger entitled the pivot of civilization) she says quote: Those least fit to carry on the race are increasing most rapidly. Funds that should be used to raise the standard of our civilization. Are diverted to maintenance of those who should never been born. end quote. See welfare is also a tool of eugenics. If you have more than two children you are automatically pasted on for sterilization therefore ceasing childbirth. And ensuring the deletion of black this is a dose of realism not racism. The views of these people are real not made up so don’t be fooled. They believe that we are inferior and our genetic makeup is some how no good. (In the  book the passing of the great race By Madison grant quote: people(negroes)simply are not willing to accept the idea that the genetic base on which their  character  was formed is inferior and should NOT be repeated in the next generation end quote). How can we combat these Eugenists tyrants if we don’t know. How can we stop it?  Its time for us as a people to get informed and unleashed from the chains of religious allegory so that we might think. And possibly be a better race they gave us our views of Christianity to keep us from seeing the real agendas of those who are trying vigorously to delete the black. D.D Kirkland


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