I’m apart of this mysterious dark matter I close my eyes and hear the splitter splatter of my ancient blood flow. In it is the blueprints of creations pasted my glass runs over the clusters of stars called Orion. Visions of times of antiquity on this planet an on to the next ions away through parallel dimensions I go with no gravity. Intertwined my body I leave behind as my spirit watch the clocks freeze but im not alone. As I travel warp speed with seven spiritual beings holding keys of truth. They treated me as one of their own they took me to their dwelling. An asked me do I remember the light then I saw the glare of a marvelous purple moon. It’s rays illuminated the room and out of the windows. I see colorful stars and golden meteorites bigger then our  planet earth endless fields of space covered with life that’s unknown. Go deep into your ancient memory banks and recall these images of home. But you only can get here withnatural melanin anything artificial won’t work we are connected to the trees and the dirt the original of all things melanin…..D.D. Kirkland


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