Out of the chains of the slave trade an into modern day mental slavery!

I heard someone say why are you still acting like your oppressed it’s the twenty-first century. maybe they don’t know or have no idea  oppression is a reality for some people just because the physical  chain’s are gone are people is still oppressed in a great way not far from the days of Willie lynch.what about our culture our language  our belief system?taking from us by our slave masters in that day. The majority of us to this very day will never get it back. we was made to hate each other Be divided in mind-body an soul.An just like technology it evolved taking us out of the fields an into the slavery of our minds.Religion the  evil  stain that was giving to us by the slave masters they Europeanized us  controlled  us and made us think that it was the will of their god and from generation to generation we passed down the lies from a people who wasn’t our own that’s why we have people who are more christian than the people who created it  still trapped in European  propaganda with no hope of being free an returning to our true self what a shame.were still separated in our beliefs just like on the fields of our oppressors  D.DKirklandmedium_4689254601medium_7645806520


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