slavery haven’t went anywhere……

you dip down into the water to be born again come up out of the water mentally deranged in your saviors name dutifully dumb deaf and blind you don’t know the origins never heard of nicea i told you the truth and you didn’t listen so i wouldn’t want to be you, you got master clothes you eat masters food now you got masters religion. brainwashed to think that you are the cream of the crop but it’s your ignorance a form of mental psychosis that got you believing in all this hocus-pocus nothing you can prove nothing you can see that keeps you coming back so faithfully. I say how are you sister. you say that your fine an educated black woman but still don’t got a mind to see a lie for a lie why because slavery haven’t went  any where it still hangs in the balance are brothers still swing on the noose in the penitentiary  cells of hell but still can’t get loose why because slavery haven’t went any where it just transformed into religion you call it Christianity  I call it insanity I can see its pure vanity to think that everyone that’s not christian is wrong you’re the child of the king huh and you are the only one who’s going home you relish over a book that’s been giving by man now its shack-els on your feet shack-els on your hands trapped into a mental paradigm of perpetual falseness but why because slavery haven’t went any where your so fascinated with the book that has been placed by QUEEN JAMES only if you knew all of the huffing an puffing was  in vain many of them gathered in the year 325 now if this ruffles your fathers please set me aside from the commodity I read stars just like your book it’s really astrology by allegorical means only if you could think without fear think without conviction you could see that you are only a slave and your made to do what the book say do but you can’t why because slavery haven’t went any where………..hotep D.D Kirkland


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