where can I go to find a kindred spirit to entice my intellectual ways when I’m far from this planet taking in galactic rays swooping through the clusters of stars in magnificent ways.I’m not scared because I’m from here a place way afar my daddy was star.see all of the propaganda from people scared of black holes but I dive into them willingly and  nobody knows i slip into one reality unto the next an on to a vortex I blow swirling in front of my peers I left from this planet ions of years but i’m happy to be here a reincarnation back into flesh but soon i will leave and come again i saw many, many of my old friends that forgotten  about their celestial ways soon their memory will be set a blaze we always been here even when the lands was bear certain stones empower us an bring us near you could not see nor hear in your dimension but in mine we our simply Devine D.D Kirkland

By perfectblack Posted in Awake

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