oh let me Blow your mind…

just because you quote bible verses and live a life according  to it do not in any way make you right or  make you holy it really just mean you’re not informed on the truth your still trapped in this slave trade under the knife of European propaganda see they know the truth but why is our people continually ,vigorously, blindly believing in people and things that  never existed what is the true origins of your belief system? where did it come from? Do you even know? every story in the biblical text have been plagiarized and stolen from  ancient writings before there was a Resurrection of the so call Christ there was the Egyptian Resurrection  On a stela dating back to the 18th Dynasty (1570-1070 bce) appears a hymn to Osiris that, predate’s  Christianity Egyptologist Budge’s translation, reads in part:Thou hast made this earth by thy hand, and the waters thereof, and the wind thereof, the herb thereof, all the cattle thereof, all the winged fowl thereof, all the fish thereof, all the creeping things thereof, and all the four-footed beasts thereof. The similarities between this passage as translated and the biblical creation account written centuries later is evidence where In Genesis (1:24) they copied an plagiarized the hymn  today’s supposed apparitions of “Jesus” and the “Virgin Mary,” ancient gods such as Osiris and Isis often appeared to their many followers, centuries and millennia before the Christian era. there was many saviors so let me blow your mind. Adonis, Attis, Dionysos, Herakles, Mithra, Osiris, and other deities, were all savior-gods whose deaths were regarded as sacrifices made on behalf of man.if the the church could lie about Christ what else have they lied about. oh let me blow your mind all of the savior gods had twelve disciples  whose birthday was December,25th thousands of year before Christ where do you think they got it from it’s too many educated people in the world today that are scholars in literature math science but are ignorant dumb deaf and blind to the true facts about Christianity an Islam. oh let me blow your mind open your eyes and see the thefts that took place reclaim your own mind its a god giving right turn away from thoughtlessness and think for our self’s and know are own story not the one that was giving to us.D.D Kirkland


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