original DNA…..

My ancient blood flow flows from creation the activation of melanin through my pineal gland, Was once a boy but now a man born out of chaos and friction. The father mother and child awakened by the sun rays. Memories of a young black man locked in a cage generations of injustice. The dissection of my self-worth was thought to hate my brother and put my self first.Now that I’m free from this perpetual slave mental. I realize I’m no longer Europeanized unleashed  from grips of  oppression. My obsession is the liberation of the Asiatic Black man and womb man. So my brothers and sisters wake up and open your eyes we been lied too  giving this cancer called religion.  Causing us to believe  in fairy tales  where we can’t even rationalize don’t even know the truth because we been brought up into lies. but now is the time for real freedom so that We can walk the straight and narrow path. everything was once blurry now I see the world  through a looking-glass  out of the matrix our eyes our unveiled the one’s who’s talking bout heaven but taking our people through hell. these pastors these christian folks tell me how can one who’s  blind see through the lies.


The people who forgot their culture….

Who are we? The race of people that was put into this European mixing pot took from our lands to be work mules. For a cruel plantation owner. Striped of our names beliefs languages an family forced to be in a land that was not our home mentally raped made to say and do what ever we was asked by our slave masters wiped by our on brothers humiliated in front of our women hung for trying to run giving a enough food just live and work made to go to church giving a God named Jesus who our people never even heard of told to love our enemy as ourselves bye a slave master who raped our woman castrated of our men. Its no wonder why we our the people who forgot their culture. Still trapped  in the dogma of slave mentality divided as a people brother against brother sister against sister just like on the fields of sweat and blood. how would you feel if it was you? And you couldn’t drink the same water that’s why I will never forget. it was long ago but our people still suffering from generation to generation. The aftermath. Of a cultural white wash. OUR YOU STILL A SLAVE IN THE MIND??????????? D.D KIRKLAND

Limitless Bounds

What is the totality of infinite knowing is it merely the endless triumphs of a continuation through our mortal demise a metamorphosis into spirit even tho our minds embraces this transition  of newness beyond flash blood and bone fragment and  matter moreover limitless leaps and bounds stagnated by our mental troubled waters.will we drown in our own thoughts of delusions hypnotized by a  six and seventh sense that scientist say don’t exist can we envision the lips of our ancestors faint cries  and look through the eyes of a people who once was in the city of many,many moons our eyes can see the stars called many through the fullness of the multiverse  a manifesto of galactic wisdom which was taught to me to as I slumbered uploaded to my memory bank by ancient astronauts it was never a time we were not our existence is limitless. endless, timeless and unbound. D.D.Kirkland

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one in the same

Could darkness really  be light could the spirit world be synonymous to the physical. In parallels one in the same so as it is above so as it is below. Could the heavens also be the fictions hell intertwined One in the same. could love really mean pain could the fullness of space be the unused portions of are brain unexplored. One in the same could death really mean life.  Could what they say is bad really be good could Christianity really mean fear and uncertainty of life in its self one in the same. could magic and science be compatible one in the same could blind eyes be better than sight could your wrongs be right. could the death of a belief fertilize the seeds of new light.could black holes really be portals into unknown dimensions  ions of light years through space and time so we are truly,truly divine similar to our spirit guides one in the same. D.D Kirkland

The failed perpetual attempts for deletion of black”

How can we be apart of the  bell curve ? It was are people in the beginning who created it you are the one’s who plagiarized and copied it.just like other invaders. See mathematics science and philosophy was giving to our people in the times of antiquity . So how can you be the gifted class wiping out factual truths about the past See the task of these so-called scientific nuts is to erase and replace that everyone comes from black! fact known but unknown on the walls of Egypt or kemmet  you can see the attempts for the deletion of black. But why is it that are people seem to have no idea. This injustice is perpetuated its advancement through technology and science is distressing see we are considered the lesser class of civilization. Their studies show that our offspring will end up on drugs incarcerated or dead. That is why there are programs established for the deletion of black. Cultural superiority is real in today’s world  and we are aboard a new slave ship called Eugenics. Who is the superior class if all of are Black men is incarcerated. Who will father our kids the fact that so many of our men is in prison posses a dramatic affect on our reproduction. Leaving our women victims of interracial relationships enhancing the deletion of black. See the fact of the matter is that the majority of our people spend the greater amount of their time reading a fictitious book called the bible. What do this have in reference to this report. Well let me elaborate how can we see whats going on today when our eyes are glued to the book of genesis. When there is eugenists contemplating our demise and the deletion of black through their systems they send into the senate and congress. And also world powers to further their agenda with documented reports on how to get rid of contain the disfavored group meaning people of African origins. (In the book by Margaret Sanger entitled the pivot of civilization) she says quote: Those least fit to carry on the race are increasing most rapidly. Funds that should be used to raise the standard of our civilization. Are diverted to maintenance of those who should never been born. end quote. See welfare is also a tool of eugenics. If you have more than two children you are automatically pasted on for sterilization therefore ceasing childbirth. And ensuring the deletion of black this is a dose of realism not racism. The views of these people are real not made up so don’t be fooled. They believe that we are inferior and our genetic makeup is some how no good. (In the  book the passing of the great race By Madison grant quote: people(negroes)simply are not willing to accept the idea that the genetic base on which their  character  was formed is inferior and should NOT be repeated in the next generation end quote). How can we combat these Eugenists tyrants if we don’t know. How can we stop it?  Its time for us as a people to get informed and unleashed from the chains of religious allegory so that we might think. And possibly be a better race they gave us our views of Christianity to keep us from seeing the real agendas of those who are trying vigorously to delete the black. D.D Kirkland


I’m apart of this mysterious dark matter I close my eyes and hear the splitter splatter of my ancient blood flow. In it is the blueprints of creations pasted my glass runs over the clusters of stars called Orion. Visions of times of antiquity on this planet an on to the next ions away through parallel dimensions I go with no gravity. Intertwined my body I leave behind as my spirit watch the clocks freeze but im not alone. As I travel warp speed with seven spiritual beings holding keys of truth. They treated me as one of their own they took me to their dwelling. An asked me do I remember the light then I saw the glare of a marvelous purple moon. It’s rays illuminated the room and out of the windows. I see colorful stars and golden meteorites bigger then our  planet earth endless fields of space covered with life that’s unknown. Go deep into your ancient memory banks and recall these images of home. But you only can get here withnatural melanin anything artificial won’t work we are connected to the trees and the dirt the original of all things melanin…..D.D. Kirkland

Fly away…a short story part 1

My brother’s and I are warriors we can tell the seasons by the placement of the sun ,moon and stars. He say we have powers to fly away back into the bush. To see the sunshine of our homelands again we lived by the waters. I heard the wise man say the pale man is coming over the sea on a big fish to take us from our mother lands. And just like the birds of prey were going to fly away so we spent lots of time on learning how to deal with the spirit in trance and fly with our ancestors. He say when they come he is going to be with birds way up high so the pail man could not see him. So I asked him how did he know he said his great granddaddy daddy came from out of the fire to warn his people. To go further into the bush to escape the pale man. Many years later before the sun went down we saw what looked like a big, big fish swooshing through the waters with a mighty rushing wind. We remembered what the wise man said so we started to call on our ancestor why everyone looked in amazement. Oh ancestor’s from near and far help us to fight and protect our lands. As the wave hit the shores of our lands they got closer and closer so me and many of the warriors stood in the middle of them and the village we called home. When the big fish stopped we saw the pale man and attacked them but his magic was not like anything we had ever seen. Lots of our warriors died we couldn’t fight the magic so they took us young boys an men put there magic on our feet and hands and took us away. As they hit and beat us then fed us to there big fishes and then we started to move an go further and further away from our home. One bye one we started to go into a trance closed are eyes an saw our ancestors hands and heard a faint voice saying its time to fly away…….D.D. Kirkland

when you have truth who needs a lie!

why is it so hard to believe that they lied to us.what would make a so call god fearing Commandment holding christian lie to advance the gospels did moses ten Commandments  turn to there commandments did they want to push there dogmatic views on a people of a spiritual background are they not the invaders of latter day just like alexander an later his hold bloodline.when you have truth who needs a lie! there was never a letter call j” in the ancient world until the 16th or so century so there never could of been any people called jews ,Jesus or anything for that matter fact. when you have truth who needs a lie.D.D Kirkland